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"The premier Political and Issue Driven Talk Show on Weekend Radio"

More About Rudi K

MAIN STREET OUT LOUD was created by and is hosted by Rudi. In his own words: “The show covers political issues, local, national and international.  We also cover the daily issues that concern each of us on Main Street, whether resident or business owner.  And — it is all done without ridicule of others or degrading remarks.”  “In other words, because someone doesn’t agree with my view, they still have a right to theirs and a right to express it.  I am not easily swayed, but I am willing to listen and consider the possibilities.  After all, that is how we learn.”  “The world would be a better place if we were more tolerant and respectful of one another.”  “Oh, and one other thing: Yes, this show is one where the host actually listens to the callers, instead of interrupting them after ‘hello’ and then they never get to speak another word.” 

Rudi is a resident of the metro Phoenix, Arizona area, and is passionately patriotic. An ardent supporter of our troops, he is a definite conservative in his politics. Nonetheless, he is open to other opinions. As he puts it, “If it touches you, it touches me.” He invites all callers, whether agreeing or disagreeing, to participate in this radio program which is by, for, and about Main Street Americans. 

Main Street Out Loud (MSOL) since its beginning, has been recognized as “the premier political and issue driven talk show on weekend radio”.  We invite you to tune in to a live broadcast and/or listen to past programs (see archives).  Hear for yourself why we continue to increase our audience share around the world.  We enjoy hearing from  listeners–so send us an email.  We really do want to know “What’s on your mind?”

My Personal Testimony

During a time of reflection, on April 3, 2015 (Good Friday), I wrote the following. I have decided to keep this as part or my profile on our website. May those reading it, find the love and peace that surpasses all understanding, in our Lord, Jesus Christ. I also pray that this may cause a rededication of lives, that their living examples are testimonies of God’s goodness and grace. Thank you for reading, thank you for standing strong in the faith of your belief. If you need help or would like to be contacted—please send us an email to:


Today, many of us, throughout t,he world, note this day as the day Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, took the sins of the world to the cross, was crucified, uttered the words “It is finished”, died and was buried in the tomb. These are the events of the day we call Good Friday.

Our faith is solidified on the events and discoveries of days later, on the day many of us call Easter–the day He Arose– ascended into Heaven, to sit at the right hand of God The Father–for all Eternity.

As I contemplate the sorrow, pain and despair my sins cost Jesus, I am mindful of my faith, my acceptance of Christ as my savior and my belief that I will one day spend eternity, in Heaven, with Him and those who also accepted Him and believed on Him. These things, to me, the Word of God, assures me of this. My faith is strong and I do not doubt.

Which brings me to my thoughts of those that believed the words of the one they called Teacher, Master, Messiah, The I Am and Son of God. How strong their faith had to be. They believed His teachings, they believed He was The Way, The Truth, The Life, yet they saw Him crucified and the breath go out from Him, they witnessed Him being laid in the tomb—their Lord had died. Yet they remained faithful and believed what He taught them, though the greatest miracle–HE AROSE–had not yet occurred.

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn of Him, to have a Bible, to read and hear His Words, to have a spiritual conviction that led me to accept Him as my Savior and today, to try to do His will, and no matter how often I fall short and no matter how often my testimony is lacking and my examples less than worthy—I am saved and am His–to Him I give all Glory and Praise.

May you know the peace that goes beyond understanding. May you find Him. He waits for you, without reservation, with arms wide open. He will comfort you. Today, you can be freed from your sins, from your past and be welcomed into the family of God–forever and ever. Amen.

My favorite scriptures: John 3:16 and John 14:1-6


FYI: About the following: I wrote this in 2010. Each year, on the birthday of my sobriety, I change only the days and the years in the first paragraph–NOTHING else.

On May 22, 2002, a mere 6,940 days ago, I started a life (my life) of sobriety. Yes, that was 19 years ago today (May 22, 2021).

Normally, when it comes to my personal life, I don’t put it on the air or on social media. It’s just not my style to blurt out everything about me. But, this is different; I know I should do this. It isn’t meant to be a literary piece. It’s about my thoughts, as they come and I put them here — raw and unedited.

Don’t misunderstand me. This is not to be taken as some attempt to make be clever and make boastful, braggadocios or puffy, selfish prideful statements. And I’m not looking for pats on my back, nor ‘atta boys’. They’re nice, but they’re no longer necessary.

I do this for the sole purpose of letting anyone that may be struggling with alcohol (my issue), drugs or even cigarettes, that there is a life after bad, unhealthy, ruinous habits and rotten behavior. No matter how small you feel, there is one who can pick you up, dust you off and put you on the road to happiness and a life over flowing with promise, peace and love.

Without my faith in my God, I would never have known that these gifts could be mine. With God and the undying support of a few family members and a select few who had also traveled a rough road, I am here today. And, looking back, getting here wasn’t all that tough.

When I asked God for help, was truly repentant and was willing to let His will dictate my life—-with Him in control—the rest was easy. I never once had a desire or felt the need to have another drink. Not one time.

After the knots in my stomach were gone, after I started breathing again, after I started living again, I still couldn’t let go of the guilt and so I did a really good job of beating myself up for my past.

Then, one day, while speaking in a meeting, words came out of my mouth, that I hadn’t anticipated. As I spoke the words, I thought to myself “I need to remember this”, “I need to remember this for MYSELF”. And after that meeting, I wrote down what I had said, and I gave it a title: “The Power to Change”. And then I started on the hard part, believing I also deserved the right to change. My inner wounds didn’t heal overnight, and the message that originated within me, didn’t leave me either.

I had been so intent on begging for God’s forgiveness and consumed with guilt over past less-than-kind actions (that’s an understatement if ever there was one) against others, that I left “me” out of the healing process. Eventually, through the words that came out of my mouth then, I was able to take a huge step—- I allowed myself to forgive me. I finally understood the meaning of the words given to me. I had been given “The Power to Change”.

Looking back, as I often have to the day I made that decision, all the obstacles in these past 14 years, piled on top of one another, couldn’t hold a candle to the misery and disappointment I caused in a day, when I was using and abusing alcohol.

YES, TODAY, I AM CERTAINLY SOBER, but more so, I live a life of sobriety and am reasonably, at peace. I AM EVER GRATEFUL,

As a side note, I also stopped doing any and all ‘recreational drugs’ at the same time. I was committed to being sober, inside and out, not halfway, but all in. And, after smoking for 48 years, I put them down (cold turkey) with the same faith, if not stronger, than that I had when I stopped drinking alcohol. On June 1st, 2016, I will observe my 8th year of total freedom from any tobacco products or substitutes. As always, it is by His grace.

I don’t take it one day at a time….I take it as God tells me. His will, not mine. It’s known as Step #3 in AA. I call it home. It’s where I dropped anchor–in His will (Let’s face it, my way didn’t work out too well). I’m not suggesting I don’t pull on my anchor from time to time, but, before I get too far out on my own, I have enough sense (today) to wait on Him. Using my own life as my example, I know He is omnipotent. He is Love.

The following is what I referred to above–“The Power to Change”. It’s all mine, I own it from the first utterance out of my mouth, to sharing it one on one with others. And now, I am willing to lend it to you as a reminder—If God will forgive you; if you can ask others to forgive you; who are you to not forgive yourself?

The photo is of the framed plaque that has been in my home(s) nearly from the day I first spoke these words

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