Transitory, that’s how Joe Biden and Janet Yellen described inflation in America. They assured us it wouldn’t be a factor in our lives–LIE. We have actual figures of essentials that each of us buy and use month in and month out. You will be amazed at how much (in actual dollars) you’re spending today, compared to what you spent just 2 months ago. The only thing transitory is your money.
One of the most highly covered criminal events took place near the end of 2019. That trial is underway now. Why aren’t there cameras, microphones, demonstrators and lots of media coverage? ANSWER: Because he’s black.
Omicron, the virus strain that has new life to allowing Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci to order the American people to do what they tell them to do. But Main Street Out Loud says “DEFY the mandates”. Wait till you hear why.
Joe Biden, Lloyd Austin and this administration have little to no regard for our active military men and women when it comes to consideration for their service. Though illegal aliens have done nothing for this nation, Biden and his ilk, favor them over America’s finest. It’s time for Main Street Americans to be vocal and physical, showing support for those who are willing to give all to defend us.
A word of caution: If Joe Biden, or his people, tells you he’ll protect you—run like hell.
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By Rudi K

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