Keep in mind that Joe Biden is always telling us that he is “a man of his word”. He also says things like “you can trust me to tell you the truth” and things such as “I will always be honest with you”.  If he is what he says he is, if he means what he says, then “It’s time to go Joe”.

Biden referred to President Trump as being xenophobic, fear mongering by placing travel restrictions/bans from China to the USA.  Keep in mind President Trump also issued further travel restrictions against countries with aggressive signs of Covid-19.  A short time later, Joe Biden came out with a direct and explicit charge that President Trump was a racist, that he was the first racist president in America.

Biden also said that anyone that had so many Americans die under his presidency, as did President Trump, had no right to be the president.

FACT: Many countries have identified cases of the new strain, Omicron. But Joe Biden has ONLY banned African nations.

Based on Biden’s Own Assessment: Biden IS a racist. He has ONLY targeted travelers from predominantly black nations from entering the USA

FACT: More individuals, in America, have died from the Covid-19 virus under Biden’s 10-month term, than those that died under the *13 months of President Trump’s term (13 months was the period of time Covid-19 was identified).

Based on Biden’s Own Assessment: Biden has no right to be sitting in the Oval Office.

End of the story.

If truth about news and events means more to you than biased hype and deceitful sound bites of cloaked agenda items—Then Main Street Out Loud  should be on your “Listen” list.  Tune in, listen every Saturday afternoon.  More info on times on our “HOME” page.

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By Rudi K

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