The condition of the condition in our cities, our states and of our federal government is suspect at least, and more correctly, we might see it as being rather criminal.
There is no doubt we have a serious situation regarding criminal activity and the lack of respect for law and order. The condition under which lawlessness thrives is disregard for and of all things outside of self.
Our government is absolutely responsible for our condition. The attitude of leniency, the lack of law enforcement, the lack of prosecution and the “laissez-faire” approach to hold accountable those who would threaten the safety and security of any and all citizens.
We point out actual events, government inaction and the consequences.
As the clock on one virus starts to run out, another strain is discovered. As the threat of the new one abates and all the effects of fear mongering begins to fade, just like clock work, another one comes along.
Joe Biden and his advisors (i.e. Anthony Fauci) are pushing their latest program of “Control Through Fear” with the Omicron (aka Moronic) strain. Is this one the racist virus strain? We have the answer.
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By Rudi K

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