Based on the voting record and the support for the Biden/Harris administration and its failed policies to date, a good portion of this nation must have a death wish.

During the campaign running up to the 2020 election, Joe Biden made it clear what he was all about. He talked about his push for open borders, health care for illegal aliens, raising taxes, more government control, green energy, climate concerns, ending fossil fuel dependence and his foreign policy ideas. Once elected (through manipulated voting results) he went to work.

We are living the dark long winter of his failed policies. And there’s more to come. If this is only the results of 10 months in office, imagine what a mess we’ll be in after 4 years. To keep supporting him and those that stand for him and his ideas—people must have a death wish.

We focus on where we came from, where we are and what’s ahead.

We also give you our reasoning for the lackadaisical approach by the Biden/Harris administration to the numerous crises we are dealing with. Is the answer to this devil-may-care attitude something manipulative and sinister?  We offer it is and we give you the dark result.

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By Rudi K

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