I wrote the following on the morning of November 20, 2021, the morning after the verdict, in the Kyle Rittenhouse self-defense trial, after listening to extremely misleading and flat out lies being offered as “authoritative and informed” to distort public opinion and to tarnish our system of justice.

I used most of this in my opening statement of our Saturday afternoon weekly broadcast. The lies and misrepresentations, most with racist overtones, of this trial, the defendant, the judge, the jury and both the prosecution and the defense are being tossed about with reckless abandon. The hatred continues to be displayed and the underlying agenda of the deceitful media and the current administration (in DC) to divide this country is ratcheted up beyond a fevered pitch.

The following, I hope, will bring reason and calm to the public—not through my views on the trial, nor my personal feelings as to the guilt or innocence of Kyle Rittenhouse, but instead, to understand the foundation of justice in the American judicial system. And for the record, I did see and hear most of the trial, no doubt more than most Americans, including members of the press and airwaves media. But again, this is NOT about my views or opinions. This is about the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States of America.


Twelve members made up a jury of his peers and they sat through every minute of every second of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. They heard all the evidence and saw all the evidence. They heard things anyone outside of the courtroom didn’t hear. They saw things that anyone outside of the courtroom didn’t see. And they received detailed instructions as to the legal procedures they must follow in determining a verdict—and every one of those thirty pages—were not seen, heard or read by anyone outside of those few individuals directly assigned to this trial. NO ONE ELSE.

Therefore, only the twelve members, who came together to discuss and hash over the details and the evidence, could collectively come to a decision that was the right decision. NO ONE else had that authority and NO ONE else was that completely informed. NO ONE else. All the comments from those that disagreed with the verdict, whether from the demonstrators or the commentators on network and cable TV, radio and print are inconsequential, and nothing more than opinions based on half-truths, partial information and hearsay. In other words, their words are just as misleading as they are false. Their words are just as biased as they are racist. Their words are just as irrational as they are angry. Their words are as larcenous as they are liable. In short, these people aren’t speaking from a position of knowledge or truth, they’re spouting off from the too common and aloof position of “I’m right, you’re wrong.”

This is the truth and the only decision that is based solely on the facts:  Kyle Rittenhouse was found, after days of considering and weighing of ALL the evidence, NOT GUILTY on all five counts, by the only informed and authorized deciding faction in this case; the jury of twelve, agreed upon by the prosecution and the defense to hear the entire case. The 12-member jury agreed, unanimously, that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense—Period. Today, Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent, and the right of self-defense is alive and well in America.

Anything outside of the four corners of papers they submitted to the court, with their decision, is nothing but gossip and individual opinions: all without merit—every bit of it.

NOTE: You can hear this as we presented it during our broadcast. Link:

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By Rudi K

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