This coming Thursday is one of our nation’s most observed holidays of the year.

Thanksgiving is truly a special time, for it is a time of gathering with family and friends. AND–to give thanks for that which we have, from our inalienable rights to shoes on our feet and the love in our lives.

One year ago, on November 21, 2020, we aired a program that dealt with the restrictions, denials and inconveniences we were mandated to follow. And all the while those that were doing the ordering, were ignoring their own mandates. And to boot, they were treating us as a 2-year-old, telling us what to do–and that included thinking they needed to tell us to wash our hands.

This program looks at the overreach by government then and still today. We need to stop the invasion of government into our private lives before

We reminded listeners, in that program of a year ago, they were adults and had gone from adolescence to modern day without any help from government. And today, though we have given up more, we are still able to exercise our authority as adults.

But we begin today’s program with the absolute and undeniable truth regarding the decisions made by the jury in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.

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By Rudi K

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