Remember this:

Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, in DC or in any state is more important than an election campaign for a federal or state high-end political position.

Just look to the Virginia governor’s race to understand just how inconsequential YOUR security, safety and welfare concerns are to the elected.

Borders are beyond a crisis, the situations are criminal and Kamala Harris has been busy campaigning for Newsom (CA) and now for McAuliffe (VA).

Economy in free fall and inflation causing goods and services prices to increase, almost daily, Americans stranded in Afghanistan, gasoline prices higher and higher, Drug (fentanayl) smuggling at our border is killing untold numbers, empty shelves, crowded ports and an ocean of idle ships, crime and people being fired for denying government mandates, etc—–And Joe Biden is going to Virginia to campaign for McAuliffe. And Joe Biden gave a political spin with a town hall meeting led by his personal choice–the dishonest, biased democrat CNN network.

To hell with what’s wrong with America, to hell with what’s ruining your life and striping you of your financial security, your job or your quality of life—Kamala and Joe have work to do to see that Democrats stay in office—to keep doing the bang up job they’ve been doing all year. They actually think we need more of the same—and the sick fact of it is that there are millions of Americans that agree with them.
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By Rudi K

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