Recently (last month), the National Economic Council Director and advisor to Biden, Brian Deese, addressed the higher prices of grocery products and explained that if you take out the much higher prices today of beef, pork and poultry, then the other prices are more in line with historical norms.

Well, that, no doubt, makes the millions of families that are trying to cope with higher prices on essentials and ever rising inflation across the board, should make them feel better.

Is he suggesting that we can beat the rising and choking inflation rates can be tempered if we all become vegans?  If Biden and his people can’t blame someone or something for their failures, they keep looking till they find something. And in this case, I guess they’re suggesting the farmers and ranchers that supply protein to our diets are now to blame

While I’m on it, as of yesterday, crude oil was at its highest price in the last seven years. Let me remind you, that was during the Obama/Biden administration. And “loud mouth”, “tough guy:” Biden wants to make sure he matches his idol or beats him. And so far, considering all the efforts Obama made to weaken and destroy America, Biden’s record (in just eight months) looks like he’ll run away with the “Best in Anti-America policies” trophy. And it’s not even a contest, that he’ll run away with 1st place ribbons for “Most Lies” and for “Most Divisive”. And I hear that both Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters are ticked off that they are only runner ups in those categories.

For those that voted for Biden, stole for him, manipulated tallies for him, pitched ballots and otherwise helped manipulate the election because you couldn’t stand the success America was having in it’s Return to Greatness, you must be elated as you watch this nation suffer under the ever increasing failures of this clown and his “root cause” inept Kamala.

And for the record, the crowd at Talladega was not shouting  “Let’s go Brandon”.

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By Rudi K

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