The one thing that President Trump used to say over and over about the attacks on him during his time in office, was this: He would tell us that the left, the Democrats, the biased media and those in the dark corners of the swamp were not after him, that these people were actually after you and me. And he would say that he just happened to be standing in the way. We give examples of how true those words were then and how clear they ring today.

We hear over and over that we need to wear masks, be vaccinated the proper times and amounts and follow other guidelines as they are released.  We are warned of the consequences and told that government has a right to enforce event he firing of individuals from their lifelong jobs.  We then witness the exceptions to all these rules, mandates and demands and they are startling.  In this program we focus on who is really pushing to keep the virus in circulation.  Why and why are these people the exception?

Our Constitution declares that all are equal under the law. But, we can prove that’s not true, not under this administration. Matter of fact, it seems, that American Citizens are considered less entitled to the same protection under the law that is extended to foreign individuals, in particular those that enter this country illegally. It is blatantly obvious that the Biden/Harris Administration can not be trusted.

There is no doubt that the last election (Nov. 2020) gives much cause to suspect it’s fairness and the results to be authentic representations of the outcome. Instead, it is more correct to consider that the election results were manipulated. We focus on the package that came with the manipulated results which has caused great damage to America and the safety, security and welfare of the American people.

We close today’s program with our declaration: “I Will Not Kneel Nor Cower”

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By Rudi K

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