To be thorough with a list of all that comes with a manipulated election, the following could end up with more pages than a Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary.  Therefore, for the sake of brevity–well, an attempt to be brief anyway–notice we have added the word “SOME” to our title, giving us the out that not ALL things are listed.

With that said, we now list, although not necessarily in any order or preference, the following items that have plagued this nation since the inauguration and the induction of the Biden/Harris administration, along with the questionable leadership of the majority–the Democrat party.

  • Back to an Energy Dependence on foreign (not so friendly) nations
  • Higher fuel prices
  • Higher grocery prices
  • Higher dry goods prices
  • Higher inflation rates–ever increasing
  • A dismal Job market lacking new jobs but unable to fill existing positions
  • A once healthy economy now in free fall
  • Higher Crime rates
  • Death on streets across America
  • Crisis on the Border
  • Diseased and sick illegal aliens transported to and introduced into various neighborhoods, in secret, around the country
  • Criminal operatives and gang members moving in next door
  • Deadly drugs flooding, in mass supplies, across the country
  • Millions of newly welfare dependent illegal aliens added to a strained system
  • A terrorist organization given an entire country to plot and plan future attacks on America
  • Americans now being denied safe passage out of Afghanistan, having been left behind by the false promises of the Biden/Harris administration
  • Nations pushing the envelope against America, ever emboldened by the weakness of American leadership
  • Runaway spending by Congress, urged on by the ineptest White House resident of all time
  • Unlawful demands and mandates that constrain a nation and cause serious rifts between Americans over personal choices
  • Ever present threats to coerce vaccinations, force compliance or face serious consequences
  • Hundreds upon hundreds of persons losing their jobs and even their businesses for no more than standing up for their rights, protecting their health and adhering to their beliefs
  • Cargo shipping and distribution crisis that is so huge that supplies are stalling industries and demands are creating price booms
  • The Cargo/Shipping crisis continues to jam up more American ports as the density of ships grows.  And the more ports jammed up, the greater the need for product that fuels the retail, wholesale, industrial, commercial and economic arenas of this nation
  • A department of justice that promotes injustice by targeting parents that advocate for proper education of their children and object to government rule over the input to children
  • A White House family that may be compromised due to family monetary gains and kickbacks from a foreign adversary or adversaries
  • Disgusting, selfish, greedy relatives that use the positions of Biden and Harris as slot machines that pays them jackpots every time these leeches use their family ties for personal gain
  • Some of what comes with a manipulated election package is a litany of failures after more failures, coupled with open borders and refusals to enforce immigration laws, leave scattered bodies of dead immigrants along the way.
  • Also, some of what comes as the result of a manipulated election is the massive, failed debacle that, although described as a “extraordinary success” by Joe Biden and Lloyd Austin, racked up multiple deaths of Americans as well as hundreds of American allies.
  • And with it all, the package includes continued and often provocative misinformation, truth denied and the distribution of propaganda by a deceitful, untrustworthy and biased media that exists for one purpose only–to keep the manipulated election package in power.

Finally, although we could list more sad, pathetic and ruinous conditions to this nation and her people, the result of a manipulated election, our nation seems to be sailing rudderless and without a capable ship’s captain or crew. The potential of greater danger, to this nation,  lies ahead as we continue to drift further into unconstitutional waters.


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By Rudi K

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