The division in this country, the crime wave, the illegal alien invasion, the demonstrations, the rioting, looting and burning, these are not parts of some new wave that has taken over the country.
We take you back to a time not so long ago, when all these things found their way into our lives. We give you specifics and show you how they have become even more aggressive as the violence rains down at a moment’s notice–almost as if the division and destruction is by design.
The comparisons from the BHO years to today’s Biden days is eerily the same, as though we’re reliving the Obama years. Would it really be that much a surprise if we were?
Our presentation also focuses on the latest concerning the Anthony Fauci controversy as well as the revelations regarding the gain-of-function research carried out.
We then move along to the most unqualified and failure ridden administration in the last few decades, if not all of history. When these people are finally run out of office (hopefully speaking), will there be anything left of America that we can repair, or will we have to start over, from scratch?
There is nothing more important to politicians than their “next” election campaign—NOTHING! The immediate concerns of their constituents get no time when they’re campaigning–NONE! We point to some of the dirtiest dealings the democrats are doing to deceive the voters of Virginia. Along with deceitful and downright rotten efforts, the Lincoln Project has tried to cast a “white supremacist” profile on the Republican Candidate for Governor. But that is only one example of how disgustingly dishonest democrats are—we have the latest on their efforts to spread fear by actually promoting a terrorist threat.
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By Rudi K

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