Joe Biden is visiting with the Democrats to try and get them to stop arguing among themselves and get on board to vote on his plans and all the money needed to fund those plans.  While Biden has time to push for even more spending on HIS concerns, there are many individuals that have paid and/or are paying for HIS plans.  Plans that have one common characteristic—they are Biden failures.
Untold hundreds (possibly thousands) of Americans and Afghan allies are still held hostage in Afghanistan, unable to leave on their own will because of HIS plans. Sadly, American troops are also dead because of those same plans.
More than 1.5 million illegal aliens are spread across America spreading disease and no doubt committing crimes, due to Biden’s plans.
Inflation is a serious concern for many Americans and it’s continuing to increase, as a result of Biden’s plans
After being energy dependent (thanks to President Trump’s plans) America is once again dependent on foreign countries to sell us what we need, as a result of Biden’s plans.
Groceries have gone up as much as 37% across the board because of Biden’s plans.
The nation is weaker and our enemies are stronger all because of Biden’s plans.
And like fools, the nation’s taxpayers are about to take it in the shorts and then, in just over a year, many will vote to re-elect the same people that are all aglow as they continue to support Biden’s plans.
While many of the people on the Hill may be considered as selfish, greedy, corrupt, two-faced and hypocrites, it’s the uninformed/misinformed group of American voters that are just plain stupid.
And that stupidity is exactly what Biden relies on for HIS plans.
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By Rudi K

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