Yesterday Secretary of State Antony Blinken (Biden’s appointment), had a “zoom” hearing with members of the House of Representatives, concerning the Afghanistan debacle, from Biden/Harris decisions to withdraw from Afghanistan to the asinine removal of troops first, to returning amid mayhem, to 13 Americans killed, approximately 30 more injured as well as more than 100 allies killed and 200 plus injured (actual numbers have never been revealed).

**Aside comment: What the hell is this about a “zoom” hearing? These people party (mask less and close together), dine together and attend huge galas, but they can’t come together for the “People’s Business”. What phony baloney as the administration and the democrat majority keep accelerating the “fear aspect” among the uninformed, misinformed–those afraid of living their lives, lest they die.

Committed to knowing the truth, based on the facts, I did indeed watch and listen (intently) to every minute and every word of this disgusting display of dodging blame and avoiding responsibility for any failures in the withdrawal process, yet taking credit for what the administration has referred to as an “extraordinary success”.  Yet, throughout the day, I did not give a moment-by-moment account, nor hour-by-hour details or even a wrap up at the end of the day. Why?

After listening to Blinken it was clear that he and some democrat members of yesterday’s committee, that the focus was to blame President Trump for everything that went wrong. Although this administration and the democrats have been in control of two branches of government since January 3 (Congress) and January 20 (Executive), the same president that brought back military might, a secure (controlled) border, a strong economy, great job numbers and historically low unemployment, energy independence, fair trade policies and yes–put our enemies in check–is now to blame for all that the current Biden/Harris unraveling and failures.

Throughout the day, it became clear to me that I, as well as many more in this country, am anything but accepting of more blame, excuses, secrecy or downright sh*t shows and failures by Biden, Harris, Bilken, Austin, Milley, Pelosi, Schumer and most lying, conniving, petty, mealy-mouthed members in government–from both parties.

I DO NOT trust this nation’s government of today. I DO NOT believe this government of today. I DO NOT have faith in this nation’s government of today.  But I DO know that, as Americans, we have the moral fortitude, conviction and patriotic pride to turn it all around.  And we can do it, IF, and when, we are honest with ourselves in accepting the absolute truth as to where we are today.

I believe every person that wants to know the truth–about the conditions that have led myself and others to be absolutely disgusted and against most, if not all, aspects of today’s leadership in DC–should listen to Part III of “Rise Up America”.

Main Street Out Loud aired three parts and give an accurate accounting of how we got into the mess we’re in. If you can’t take the time to hear all three, then at least take one hour out of your life to hear Part III. It’s about your country and your future.

Link to replay:


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By Rudi K

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