We begin by presenting reason that we’re pretty sure something not only doesn’t seem right when it comes to what the Department of State IS telling us, but what Secretary Blinken ISN’T telling us may cause this whole house of cards to come tumbling down.

Regardless of how this administration tries to make excuses and blame others for the deadly failures in a poorly planned and executed evacuation of Afghanistan, Americans must insist on answers and accountability.

As we continue, we focus on the extreme and deadly failure of the Biden/Harris decision regarding the acceleration of improper evacuation protocol.  With such egregious mistakes, this administration is responsible for the new killing fields.

Regardless of how the Democrats try to deflect and draw our attention to other issues, Americans can’t just move on, not without resolution.

How much more blood and failures must we endure before we rise up to save ourselves, our government and our nation?

Regardless of how desperately the deceitful left, biased media tries to cover for this administration and regardless of how social media platforms use censorship to mute the voices of truth, Americans must stand firm for free speech and transparency

We need to insist on the R/I/A actions (we explain this) that will be a clear sign to the world that America is not finished.  It’s time for America to end this march to ruin and find the way back to regain respect and our honor.  It’s time to Rise Up America.



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By Rudi K

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