Ever since the photos and video of border patrol doing what they are trained to do, by using horses to control illegal entry into this country, this administration has gotten together, decided that they would all take a negative view of people doing their jobs, misrepresenting what is real by attempting to cast a dark shadow on law enforcement.  They then, to a person, pushed a narrative (untrue and with evil intent) to affix blame onto others and then describe actions that NEVER happened as “horrible”.

Every person that has taken to a camera and microphone, from Biden to Harris, to Mayorkas, to Psaki, to Schumer, to Pelosi, to Waters, to every CNN and MSNBC mealy mouth, every one of them have called, what they want you to believe happened, as horrible.  Everyone uses that word.  Well, to begin, lying as they’ve done is horrible.  And here are some other things, unlike their lies, here as some things that are true, based on facts and definitely more in line with what’s horrible than the BS this lying administration continues to spread.


  1. Stopping pipeline construction, ending exploration and making America energy dependent on foreign supplies–that’s horrible.
  2. Biden’s spending policies creating an accelerated inflation rate, affecting many Americans–that’s horrible.
  3. Making little children the victims of party politics and dividing the nation by vaccinated and unvaccinated, closing schools, ignoring science and playing politics with American lives–that’s horrible.
  4. Dismantling border policies (set by the previous president) and creating a crisis with inhumane conditions and then blaming mess you made back on the previous president–that’s horrible
  5. Biden creating such a devasting evacuation process that 13 of America’s finest were killed and many more were severely injured–that’s horrible.
  6. Biden leaving Americans behind, abandoning them in Afghanistan–that’s horrible.
  7. Biden/Harris and the Department of Defense set up and commission a drone strike that killed 10 innocent individuals, including an aide worker and 7 little children—that’s horrible.
  8. Biden blaming law enforcement for doing their job of trying to secure our border and turning those actions around to persecute them to take the heat off the mess he is responsible for—that’s horrible. 
  9. The constant lies and cover ups by this administration, their non-transparent accounts, leveling blame at everyone and never taking responsibility for anything—that’s horrible.
  10. In the interest of the nation, Biden, Harris, Mayorkas, Austin, Milley, Blinken and others should resign.  Not resigning—that’s horrible. 
  11. Biden/Harris being in office, having gotten there through fraudulent voting methods—that’s horrible, no let me rephrase that—that’s criminal
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By Rudi K

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