This week, based on the directions of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, the fencing around the “PEOPLE’S Capitol”, has been re-erected. Yes, the same fence that went up because Democrats were afraid, and then came down recently, has been ordered up AGAIN.

The Speaker of the House, as part of the position, oversees the security of the Capitol (along with the sergeants-at-arms of both houses and the Capitol police) whenever intel–or fear--dictates measures that include fencing, huge law enforcement presence, National Guard troops and other measures deemed necessary—by the Speaker.

The Democrats, in control of Congress and the White House, think that a gathering that is scheduled to take place this weekend, could be an attempt to disrupt, riot, destroy or otherwise threaten areas or people at or around the Capitol grounds.  Why?

Well, according to some insiders, the gathering isn’t a BLM or Antifa “love fest”, so that means precautions need to be taken. If it was BLM or Antifa, although mayhem, destruction, arson, looting and bodily harm always accompany their “love fest demonstrations and First Amendment exercises”—no fences would be erected and all law enforcement would be ordered to stand down. But—in case some people that support President Donald J. Trump, might show up—law enforcement, fences, barricades and weapons need to be at the ready.

IN THE MEANTIME, the same democrats that keep erecting walls around the Capitol grounds—to keep the PEOPLE out of the PEOPLE’S Capitol—refuse to fence in our border, man the border with adequate law enforcement or call out the National Guard to protect the PEOPLE from the non-stop invasion by unknowns coming into America. As of this morning, there were more than 8,000 illegal aliens entering (at just ONE point of entry) and thousands more en route. The month of August tallied more than 200,000 illegal aliens that are now the burden of American taxpayers, added to more than 1,000,000,000 illegals that invaded the US between January and July.

Many of these people are ill, have criminal records, have gang or terrorist ties and/or undesirables that have been deported, time and again. But, to hell with the PEOPLE of this country, they are being seeded among us, in secret, by this administration.

MAIN STREET AMERICANS ARE AT RISK. While no cost is too great, no protection to extreme, no limit in security measures and law enforcement or troops to see to the safety of 535 politicians and the Biden/Harris team that turned their backs on American citizens, that they abandoned and left behind in Afghanistan—American citizens along the border and in cities where illegals are dropped off, have no protection or awareness of the criminal elements or sickness that creeps into their surroundings.

And, as this administration, with democrat support, continues to ignore the needs of Main Street Americans, it spares nothing to protect and ensure they keep living in secure comfort.

THE IRONY OF IT ALL: There are enough people willing to cheat, lie and steal in every election to keep these same democrats in power—WHY??

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By Rudi K

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